Sparks 100,000


Sparks 100,000 Project

The Sparks 100,000 project is an ambitious 5 years project that aims to provide 100,000 women entrepreneurs in Nigeria with business and management education, mentoring and networking, and access to capital. Through technology and partnership with existing and proven intervention by organisations that focus on women entrepreneurs, we hope to bring the solution home to Nigerian women in business.

The 12 months programme starts with a call for application of women in business via the online portal. 20,000 shortlisted applicants will partake in the Phase 1 of this project and undergo training via a mobile app which provides a learning journey that builds the business skills and knowledge of women entrepreneurs in the start-up and growth stages of their business.

Upon completion of this Phase, 1,000 candidates who successfully completed the Phase 1 as well as meet the eligibility criteria for participation in Phase 2 of the project, are selected. This phase also leverages partnership with an existing proven intervention for women-owned businesses that are ready for growth. The 10 weeks program will culminate with a final exam from which 100 successful candidates are further shortlisted to prepare them for funding. The top 20 also receives mentoring with our partner organizations.

Eligibility Criteria

Phase 1: Applicant must be a woman in business either in the ideation stage, startup stage or growth stage. All applicants must pass through the Phase 1. The business MUST be wholly owned by a woman, or have a woman own at least 51% ownership of the business.

Phase 2: This is a 10-week programme fully online and very interactive. Shortlisted candidates MUST have completed Phase 1 with at least 80% score, have a business that is one year and above, and commit to completion of the programme. It is designed to provide participants with practical tools and knowledge to help them successfully manage the demands of growing their businesses.

Objective: To empower 100,000 Nigerian women in business with business and management education, mentoring and networking, and access to capital by 2025.

We will launch this project in Nigeria during the Global Entrepreneurship week in November 2020.