Skill Up

Skill Up

This is a workplace readiness programme for Nigerian youths to promote employability, job retention and youth engagement. Workplace readiness program is for individuals who have little or no work experience, or who have been out of the workforce for an extended period of time. The program focuses on developing skills needed to be successful in the workplace and covers topics covering career exploration, soft skills, financial management, organizational skills, self determination & self awareness, interpersonal skills & teamwork, job retention, Workplace preparation & communication, customer service, workplace ethics, conflict management, resumes and job descriptions, mock interviews, among others.

Applying for a job is a skill everyone needs to harness, and in practice that means deliberate preparation, getting your CV in shape and practicing your interview skills. 

Objective: To create a workplace ready pool of youths able to be employed, stay employed and enjoy their employment.


Now in its first year, as of  February 2020, we have trained 6,224 graduates in our workplace readiness program ranging from seminars, online sessions and in-class session. Our strategy has been widely implemented at National Youth Service Orientation Camps at Abuja and Enugu States of Nigeria. We plan to take this to the Federal so we can reach over 20,000 graduates annually to boost their chances of getting employment immediately they complete the compulsory one year service program or increase their chances at retention with their employers at their place of primary deployment.