Go Tech

Go Tech

This project aims to use mobile phones for economic empowerment. This project targets youths and women aged 40 years and below as beneficiaries. Technology has made resources easily accessible and readily available hence, we will incorporate technology tools in achieving most of this project’s objectives and goals. Beneficiaries are trained on website development, designs and desktop publishing, information technology, digital marketing, mobile phone/computer repair, mobile apps development, etc, Upon completion of their training, beneficiaries deploy projects focused on solving endemic challenges in their communities. These projects are mandatory for all beneficiaries so that we can provide services primarily to the underserved and financially-excluded thereby becoming socially relevant to their neighbourhood/ community where they operate.

Objective: By December 2025, we will teach 100,000 youths in Nigeria on how to use Mobile Phone for job and wealth creation.


There are proven initiatives which have been successfully used in different projects to achieve impact in communities. We do not aim to reinvent the wheel, Rather, we will partner and collaborate these existing technologies for our training, support, mentoring, internships, job placements and access to startup funding. 

Nigeria is blessed with a huge human resource able to do great things if given the right enabling environment and support structures. Over 60% are thriving youths yearning and hopeful for a future filled with joy and assured stable benefits of the basics of life. We can support that dream. 

Some projects underway includes the ongoing resource project aimed at providing access to web-based resources that provide proven initiatives through which anyone with access to the internet can link up and take advantage of the resource.