Go Digital

Go Digital

Go Digital: is a Digital and Coding Skills training for teachers and young Nigerians between ages 8 and 40 years to build their digital and coding skills and empower them with valuable 21st century digital skills in preparation for opportunities presented by the 4th industrial revolution. Teachers participate in the Train-The-Trainers session and are able to train their peers and students to increase the reach and impact of the project. Students are empowered with coding and digital skills and are able to deploy projects to solve endemic challenges within their communities.

Objective: By 2023, we will train 100,000 Nigerian Youths and 25,000 teachers across Nigerian cities on digital and coding skills to contribute to preparing a generation ready for the 4th industrial revolution.


As part of our strategy to achieve this goal, we will celebrate the Africa Code Week (ACW) 2020 with a project targeting 25 teachers and trainers directly through Train-The-Trainers workshops, and 100 teachers indirectly through a pay-it-forward mechanism. We are piloting this project in 10 schools in Enugu State where 1,000 students will be trained in digital and coding skills of which we anticipate to reach 60% girls.
Project’s purpose: To empower teachers and Young Nigerians especially girls with digital and coding skills during the Africa Code Week (ACW) 2020-.
  1. 5% Increase in digital and coding skills of Secondary School teachers in 10 Enugu State Government-owned Schools by November 2020.
  2. 10% increase in digital and coding skills of secondary school students in 10 Enugu State Government-owned Schools by November 2020.

We have partnered with the Post Primary School Management Board, Enugu and obtained permission to implement this project in the select schools and have put out a call for volunteers. We are at various levels of discussion with project partners to sponsor some specific items for this project. Should you wish to identify with or contribute to the success of this project, kindly click here

If you are interested in a partnership or collaboration to implement this project, contact us via email partnerships@sparksfoundation.org.ng.


Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Go Digital Programme has been postponed to 2021. All partners should kindly take note.